Strong Squad Program

Complete 12-Week Lifestyle Program

Includes workout, nutrition and mindset coaching that is designed for YOU.

The only program that is going to be sustainable for you, is one made for YOU.

What to expect?

  • You will be given all the tools you need to reach your goal, you just have to do the work.  We will work together to make tweaks to your current life, no huge dramatic changes that you won't be able to keep.

What you receive? 

  • Individualized workout plans that fit YOUR lifestyle

  • Personalized meal plans with macros and shopping lists

  • Accountability with weekly check-ins and reflections

  • Strong Squad member swag (Hat or top)

What are the meal plans like?

  • You will be given a meal plan with foods you like and already eat, with proper proportions and tweaks to hit your daily intake. We will work together to make changes when needed. You will never be forced to eat things you absolutely hate.

What workout equipment is needed?

  • I recommend having a full gym membership, this will allow you to get a complete and varying workouts throughout the 12 weeks. Apartment gyms and home gyms will work too. If there is something you love, like spin or yoga class, I do incorporate those into the week. If you love them then I want you to do them! Every program is custom, so whatever you have we can make work!

How is this program different than most?

  • You will not be given the same program as every other person. Every single person, lifestyle and body is different; so every single program is different.​

What type of accountability will I receive?

  • You will get weekly check ins and reflections for you to complete, you get access to text questions any time and phone calls when needed.

What does the program cost?

  • Each program is paid in full, a one-time fee of $275. There are no payment plans. 

Strong Squad Program

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