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You have a complicated relationship with food, equating "good" with healthy and "bad" with unhealthy?

You have been so overwhelmed with life's busy demands that your health and wellness has taken a back seat?

You know what choices of food to eat but you still struggle with choosing the healthier option?

You are finding some of your favorite clothes to not fit and this only discourages you more?

You have made the gym part of your routine but haven't seen results in months?

If you identify with any of these above statements, you are ready!

Ready to get strong, U STRONG.

Client Testimonials

"I have loved working with Jess! Not only did she help me better myself physically but also in all aspects of my life. She’s super encouraging and answered all the million questions I had. She worked with me to reach my goals and I’ve enjoyed her program so much that I have continued with Jess to be my trainer after the program!" -Kelsey

Fayetteville, AR


About U Strong Fitness

It is time to feel strong and confident in your own skin!

Changing your lifestyle, starting a new workout program and altering eating habits are all overwhelming.

You might not know exactly where to start or what to do. Maybe you have tried programs before but they were too strict and unsustainable so you quit. Or maybe you have never worked out until now.

The Strong Squad programs provide you everything you need!

  • Individualized workouts

  • Personal meal plans and recipes

  • Accountability to reach & keep goals!

  • Results that build confidence and strength

This is NOT a quick fix, challenge or diet. This is a LIFESTYLE program. I will meet you wherever you are and we will get you to your goals. 

Services Provided


Nutrition Coaching

Teaching You How To Be Nutritiously Well-Fed While Getting Desired Results

Exercise Programs

Providing Individualized Programs Specifically For You And Your Goals

Lifestyle Accountability

Not only will see the results you want, but learn how to keep them!

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Are YOU ready to become a member of the STRONG SQUAD?

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